Need to invest in eco energy

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WITH regard to Trevor Bevis’ letter (Citizen May 23). I am dismayed and annoyed by his stating that he prefers nuclear power to ‘green’ energy.

I think he is suffering from tunnel vision as he appears to think that it is a choice of only wind turbines or nuclear.

He dislikes the sight of wind turbines in the Fens. Would he really prefer to live within view of a nuclear power station?

With the high risk of terrorists wanting to harm our nation, these places are just not safe.

The waste produced from them is difficult to store safely and accidents can happen causing not only injury but contaminating land.

Wind power is still pretty new and not as efficient as it could be. If I have a choice of living near several wind turbines or a nuclear power station I would choose the turbines.

Nuclear or wind. Those are not the only options. I think that every public building should have photovoltaic panels. Every new house should have to have these on the roof and be properly insulated.

People should start trying to reduce their electricity usage. It will save them money.

The country needs to look at investing in modern eco energy like wave power, efficient domestic wind turbines and, as already exists in Germany I believe, window glass which is also photovoltaic.

We can harvest methane from landfill sites, or why not drill down to the heat stored under the earth’s crust and tap that energy?

All of the alternatives are safer than nuclear. However, I suspect that since the profits won’t be as huge, those in power will not be interested.


Tydd St Giles