‘Never seen such a mess’

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CAN anyone tell me what is happening about the ridiculous parking in the Market Place in Wisbech?

Have Wisbech Town councillors come to any decision as to how to control the level of parking or is this a local authority problem?

Where are the PCSOs? I have seen cars parked in the disabled bays where drivers are not disabled. I have seen cars parked on the pavement outside businesses in the High Street, causing a three lane carriageway that will surely see a pedestrian getting hurt.

I have seen cars parked just before and on the narrow stretch half way down the High Street that does not allow any vehicle to go through to the junction near the Post Office.

I have seen cars parked alongside and behind vehicles parked in the disabled bays. How are you expected to get out if there’s a vehicle behind you that doesn’t have a driver?

If Wisbech is under the authority of members of the Town Council, what are they doing about it? I have never seen such a mess. Maybe something will get done when someone gets really hurt.

In today’s society that’s often the case.