New Baccalaureate: Headmaster hits out

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YOUR reporting of Fenland schools’ performance in the English Baccalaureate (Citizen January 19) paints a gloomy picture of our pupils’ achievements.

However, all is not as it may seem. Readers may not be aware that the introduction of the English Baccalaureate has been rushed and ill considered.

History and geography are considered acceptable for the Bacc, but RE does not count as one of the qualifying humanities. If a school chooses to teach its pupils science as discreet subjects (rather than taking the dual award or triple award approach) then their grades only count if they have done three sciences. An A* to C GCSE result in English Literature is not counted at all. There is little rhyme and no apparent reason.

As a result of the arbitrary and frankly half-baked approach that has been taken as to what does and does not count for the English Bacc, true performance has been obscured.

The principle is laudable, the execution woeful.

At Wisbech Grammar School we will not be changing; our pupils follow a well balanced curriculum which equips them for university and the world beyond, Bacc or no Bacc.



Wisbech Grammar School