New turbine plans concern

I WRITE in response to the proposed two wind turbines application for Three Acres near March South Junction.

This development could be one step too close to the community and have an adverse affect on many homes in the area.

March South junction signal box - along with many housing developments, Cawood close, Marsh Close, Creek Road, Estover Road, The Parks, Waterside Gardens, Badgeney Road, Swift, Swallow, Heron, Kingfisher Close - roads could be affected severely by shadow flicker, as well as the low base sound pulses.

The residents not only losing amenity to their homes but also seeing a substantial reduction in their property value. The job of the signal man is safety critical, needing a high level of concentration.

Is it a chance that can be taken to have these turbines affect the safe running of our railway system due to the affect of these turbines?

I am not against green energy but Fenland has more than its fair share of turbines. Surely this development is far too close to so many homes.

The applicant stated in a local paper he wished to erect one small turbine to power the industrial work units on site and was not testing for a wind farm.

But this has changed to a matter affecting a much larger percentage of the local community.