NHS now suffering

THE article in the Citizen (October 3) detailing the unfortunate experience of Victor Gardner is distressing but unsurprising.

This sort of mix-up will, in all probability, occur more and more as bits of the NHS are hived off and sold to private concerns.

I recently attended a meeting in Cambridge called “Keep the NHS Public” at which the main speaker, Dr Eoin Clarke said that, among other things, staff morale is currently at rock bottom due to the changes wrought by Andrew Lansley and now being implemented by the new Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

The New Labour government of Tony Blair also bears a lot of responsibility for the mess we are now in by insisting on the Private Finance Initiative, which meant hospitals were leasing back at exorbitant rents, properties they previously owned in return for some building development on the site.

The NHS Trusts in the South of England are now suffering the consequences of this and Peterborough & Stamford hospitals will probably follow suit.