No significance on climate

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I WRITE in reply to the letter (Citizen November 2) “Fenland faces greater risks” by an unidentified reader.

First, I must ask, why does this reader who makes some personal remarks towards myself and Trevor Bevis, refuse to have their name published?

I do accept that some people actually like to see wind turbines dominating our landscape, especially if they have some connection with the wind industry including land owners.

But I don’t state that I am fed up with such people’s views.

I actually like to debate such views, because here in Fenland, the district council never gave its residents the chance to debate whether or not we should encourage the wind industry to make such major changes to our landscape.

I accept your reader’s view that not everyone would like to live close to a coal-fired or nuclear power station but such structures have a more limited effect on the overall landscape, unlike wind turbines.

Coal and nuclear power stations also create local employment and benefits the immediate local economy, whereas turbines do not.

Your reader’s statement that there are “many ugly and disgusting things they see in Fenland every day”.

Could your reader explain what these are?

The reader also states that “wind turbines lend the landscape a dignity that it otherwise largely lacks”.

Interesting that the landscape appraisal carried out by the district council states that there is a danger that turbines can create a cluttered appearance to the otherwise, tranquil landscape, and I understand that this is becoming an increasing concern of many district councillors.

Of course, all of this debate does have to be seen in the context that the UK as a whole contributes only 1.7 percent of the world’s carbon emissions.

No matter how many turbines we have in the whole country, let alone in Fenland, the UK will have very little effect in combating climate change.

It’s countries like America and the developing countries of China, India, etc. that need to bring down their emissions to have any meaningful effect on climate change.

Let’s not destroy our landscape thinking we can have any significance on climate change by building lots of wind turbines across the country, because the facts say otherwise.

Let the “chorus” of Fenland residents’ views continue to be aired in your paper.