Not alarmist

IN response to the Wisbech flood wall replies (Citizen February 1) and especially Mr Griffins where he labelled me like Victor Meldrew and my views “alarmist” and “immature”.

I have a right to express my views and concerns. Is it alarmist to write about an issue of which I was afraid would add to the sad and rapid decline of what was once a great Fenland Market Town or is it just a view of someone who shows caring for his place of birth?

Immaturity - I suggest you read the cultured response from Simon King, county councillor, which was most welcomed as it answered my fears as to the final appearance of the wall in a direct and polite way.

The insinuation that I was somehow saying the flood wall was unnecessary is ridiculous, it is imperative, at least now I and the many people who have commented to me adversely as to the appearance will be appeased.

MR JML (details supplied)