‘Not an inspiring short list’

WELL, we now have a shortlist of ideas for March’s Diamond Jubilee commemorations.

Not a very inspiring one in my view but I suppose we have to be thankful for small mercies where this autocratic council are concerned.

In a statement in your article, the Town Clerk, Clive Lemmon says that ‘dozens of different ideas were put forward’. If that’s the case, why weren’t these ideas listed and the criteria for their exclusion made available to the public?

It would also be interesting to know who the authors of the shortlisted ideas are.

I submitted an idea but received no acknowledgment of any kind so I’m left in limbo as to whether my idea was received and if so, what the criteria was for excluding it.

If that’s the way the dozens of others, who submitted ideas were treated, then the Town Council still has a lot to learn about public consultation in my view.