Not best place for ‘huge’ bin bays

REGARDING your article (Citizen April 6) “Row over bin bays” at Albert Court, Wisbech.

Not one resident we have spoken to has a good thing to say about the bin bays. They have to be seen to be believed, they have not been placed in the best place and they are huge. Albert Court consists of six blocks of four flats and each block of four has its own bin bay. Each block has a large blue and a large green bin to serve the four flats.

The bays are so large they could hold four bins and still have room to park a smart car in the middle.

As for residents being consulted about the bin bays, the only information my mother received was a single letter containing the layout of the flats and a red dot where the bin bay was going to be placed.

No information was provided regarding the size or construction of the bays. The residents we have spoken to think they are a waste of money especially as one of the contractors mentioned a cost for the six bin bays in the region of £20k.

Take a look for yourself and see if you would like to look out your lounge or bedroom window and be faced with what can only be described as a desecration of residents free space.

Since Roddons took over the housing stock, Albert Court has lost most of its trees and shrubs and now they are taking the grass, soon we will be a concrete island of flats.