Not sure about choice of band

I APPRECIATE how much organisation goes into the normally excellent March Festival and despite the weather, it is normally a great occasion.

The climax for me is always the Saturday night group who entertain the crowd and cap a lovely day when we celebrate all things March.

However, I think the committee got it wrong in picking a Pink Floyd tribute act to be the main entertainment. I admit that I am not a Floyd fan and only know one of their hits but listening to the first ten minutes of their set was enough.

It was an instrumental which did nothing to get the younger crowd going. In fact, I would say that the majority of any one under 45 would struggle to have enjoyed it.

What we all want is a group that play music from the 60s to the current day, where everyone gets some enjoyment out of it.

I understand that the group for next year’s event has already been picked. I just hope there is no one on the committee who are massive fans of Joe Dolce, the Cutting Crew or Timbuk3 (or any other group that most people only know one of their songs)!

Come on committee, sort it out and play us something that we all know. It’s the first time I, and some others, left the West End Park before the end of the day and please make it be the last occasion.


Fishermans Drive