Not sure about your logic, Reg

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I AM afraid Reg Kemp’s logic (Citizen, October 12, Accidents waiting to happen A141 at March) is somewhat illogical.

In connection with the accident that involved Cllr French’s son he states that “ ...the volume of traffic on that stretch of road is increased unnecessarily by the need for all vehicles to turn left at the Hostmoor junction and those that are heading for Wisbech having to retrace back from the Wisbech Road roundabout”.

A moment’s thought will show this to be untrue. If ten vehicles were to turn right out of the Hostmoor junction and head directly to Wisbech those ten vehicles will pass the houses in Westry where Cllr French lives.

If instead those same ten vehicles turn left, go round the Wisbech Road roundabout and then head to Wisbech, that is still only ten vehicles passing through Westry.

Turning left at Hostmoor and going round the roundabout instead of turning right only involves vehicles crossing the railway bridge twice instead of once.

It does not increase the number of vehicles travelling northbound (or southbound for that matter) past any of the houses in Westry or anywhere else.


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