Objections to Tydd plan

PLANNING applications have been submitted for a wind farm at Treading Field in Tydd St Giles.

I strongly object for the following reasons: On a local level such a development would be a blight on the landscape, a blight on property prices and bring no benefits whatsoever to our local community.

We are horse-lovers and frequently ride around the area of the proposed wind farm. We will not be able to do this if the turbines are built because they will spook our horses.

Wind farms do not produce electricity at a cost effective price. They are only being built because of subsidies and targets put in place by the previous government. Without these subsidies (which we, the taxpayers are paying for) there would be no commercial justification to build wind farms.

I do not see why the residents of Tydd St Giles should suffer because of misguided policy. This could easily be overturned by the current government with huge savings to the taxpayer.

A lengthy and detailed report by the Royal Academy of Engineering entitled ‘The Cost of Generating Electricity’ demonstrates the point.

The report takes full account of building, financing, decommissioning and running costs and concludes that the cost of generating electricity from various sources is - Gas 2.2pence per kWh; nuclear 2.3p per kWh; coal 2.5p per kWh; onshore wind 5.4p per kWh ie more than twice the commercial cost offshore wind 7.2p per kWh ie more than three times the commercial cost.


Tydd St Giles