Objectors were right it seems

WITH regard to Peter Upton’s letter (Citizen September 21) concerning traffic congestion in March.

Back in 1995-96 when the long drawn-out planning application by Sainsbury’s was being discussed, there was considerable opposition by a lot of residents.

Some Nene Parade residents adjacent to the planned store were concerned about the impact the store would have.

Most residents were concerned about the build up of traffic which could be generated.

A traffic assessment was carried out and the experts claimed there wouldn’t be a problem.

How wrong they were and how right were the objectors. I didn’t agree with the plan for an extra exist from Sainsbury’s. I felt it was wrong to funnel traffic into an already congested residental area.

I did think that after that had been passed, despite objections, not from the Conservative Club at the time, it was undemocratic to block it by the club.

The objections should have been made at the time. Sainsbury’s are making plenty of profits so they could come up with an idea or plan to ease congestion and finance it.