Odds are stacked against re-opening

COUNCILLOR Kit Owen is about the only person to take a sensible approach to the Bramley Line.

Indeed, the council’s money would be better spent on something useful other than a black hole (Citizen Nov 2, March edition).

Those who worked in the rail industry when the passenger link was still open know how much interest there was in travelling to Wisbech by train – none!

There was only ever two people on it – the driver and guard! And, at least in those days, there were two stations – one each end of the line.

Enthusiasm is one thing but to re-open the Bramley Line will take more than that.

The odds are stacked against it. For example, where would passengers get on and off?

Wisbech station was incorporated into the pet food factory and turned into a staff car park.

That only leaves an area either side of the track at Weasenham Lane where a station platform could be erected – at least a mile outside the town centre requiring a long walk or an additional bus shuttle.

At March the situation is just as bad. Trains from the Wisbech branch line cannot access March station and even if they could, the driver would have to be a full-time professional fully-qualified driver to pass over Network Rail infrastructure.

So if amateur enthusiasts are considering stopping short somewhere near Elm Road, there needs to be a station, parking and a bus service to get passengers the mile-and-a-half into town. Money wasted indeed.