Once a lovely market town

YES, Wisbech is getting worse.

I rarely go into town now as I have been verbally abused and also pushed out of the way while trying to walk up Norfolk Street .

I feel this is virtually a ‘no go’ area nowadays. People who can’t or won’t speak English get away with things because no one will report their abuse because it is impossible to prove. They move around in packs so it would be one persons word against four, five or more.

As for the centre of town, this is almost as bad, it makes a change to be able to understand anything spoken by pedestrians or car owners.

Admittedly, there are also the English who do like to make a show.

Wisbech was once a lovely market town, but the English that can afford to move are abandoning it as I would do, if able.

I may be an OAP, but I am active and would like to shop and walk around Wisbech without the fear of being pushed or abused. By anybody.