Parking is essential to the town centre

OH how I agree with Ann Purt that the wishes of Wisbech people should be paramount (Citizen October 12).

If this is the case and our elected councillors do listen to us, then we will soon see dear old Wisbech thriving again.

One only has to look at the amount of cars going in and out of the town centre full of people wanting to spend their hard-earned cash in town centre shops.

When cars were banned from Wisbech Market Place it looked like a ghost town. Shops were empty and businesses were struggling and the empty space looked awful.

Monday of last week my husband and I just could not believe how busy the town centre was - not a single parking space anywhere in the Market Place.

The same day we could not find anywhere near the market to park so just where do you suggest all of these cars park?

Most visitors in cars only park for a short time anyway. Just enough time to visit the shop of their choice and are gone - perhaps in less than 30 minutes. Wisbech certainly seems to have a lovely vibrancy about it when the Market Place is busy.

Certainly, parking should only be allowed on one side of High Street as that area does get very congested, possibly due to no-one knowing where they can park.

The day parking was banned from the Market Place was the day Wisbech started to die.

Please Ann, do not tell us that car-free means success or progress, surely access to shops, businesses and amenities should not come into politics.

Parking is essential for the centre of any town and with the new Morrisons store due to open shortly there will be even less reasons for people to visit Wisbech.

Please do not ban parking.