People have been tolerant

I THOROUGHLY agree with the comments I have read online regarding Eastern Europeans as spoken about in the Citizen (February 1).

I echo their words. Where do these dignitaries live and do they ever visit Wisbech?

I bet Steve Barclay isn’t half as disappointed as the people of Wisbech are!

Some Eastern Europeans stand blocking the pavements up, drinking their cans of beer and appear very intimidating talking in their native tongue, not allowing others to use the paths.

They have no manners and come across as unconcerned as to whether they barge into others as they shove their way around the town.

Never before the Eastern Europeans arrived had I ever seen men urinating in the streets in broad daylight in front of others, now it is quite common place.

The people of Wisbech are very tolerant, even though they have lost their jobs, have to wait longer for housing, healthcare and are concerned for their children’s education.

Steve Barclay must have buried his head in the sand somewhere.