Petrol prices

I AGREE with Stephen Bligdon that the people of Wisbech are being ripped off on petrol prices.

Tesco have for years now been more expensive than their sister stores at King’s Lynn and Boston.

At the time of writing this letter, the price at Wisbech is £137.9p, BP £138.9p and Morrisons at King’s Lynn £132.9p.

The Freebridge Roundabout at King’s Lynn being £133.9p. I just hope that when the new Morrisons at Wisbech opens, they will sell petrol at the same price as they do at King’s Lynn.

I have complained to Tesco on many occasions regarding their petrol prices and not had a reply.

So it’s Morrisons for me, even if Tesco reduce the price to compete with them.


via email.