Petrol prices: Why do we pay so much?

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IN this climate of austerity where we are all experiencing a tightening of the belt, why are we being penalised by petrol stations?

More so in Chatteris. I have asked the BP garage when I have had to visit why their prices are higher than some others. Their general answer is that they do not fix the prices and it is dictated to them or the tanker has further to come to deliver so the prices are a bit higher.

I see this as a smoke screen for the real reasons which we do not get told.

I feel it is disgusting we have to pay as much as we do at the moment. We are always paying more than neighbouring towns and we need to make a stand.

I cannot wait for the new Tesco store and filling station to arrive and force our existing filling stations to be competitive and give residents of Chatteris and around a better deal.