Phone hacking scandal

THE News International phone hacking scandal has revealed the poison coursing through the veins of the establishment.

Networks at the very top of British society are starting to unravel. We are seeing the places where democracy is never allowed – where real power lies.

The unaccountable people who hoard money and influence are now in the spotlight. And the whole thing stinks.

This is about far more than journalism. Rupert Murdoch’s huge empire is in crisis, and has closed one of its flagship titles, the News of the World.

Murdoch is not an ‘evil’ capitalist – he is a good one. That’s why he has been courted by politicians, including Tony Blair, for many years.

Crises bring the relations between politics, business and the state to the foreground.

The growing resistance to the Con-Dem coalition government helped fuel the atmosphere of panic that led to the scandal growing.