Pink Floyd - still the wrong choice

I FEEL compelled to write in reply to Mr and Mrs Keymer’s letter and an anon (Citizen July 4), who responded to my initial complaint about a Pink Floyd tribute act being chosen for the ‘headliner’ at the March Festival (Citizen June 20). The tone of their letters suggest that I have a narrow view on music for not liking Pink Floyd or appreciating a 50 million album selling super group. To the contrary, I have a wide collection of music ranging from country and western to heavy metal. As such, I am a huge fan of Public Enemy, a group who sold over 12 million albums and of the hip-hop genre; however, I would not want to see their tribute act performing ‘Bring the Noise’ or ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’, as it does not befit our festival or family entertainment. I feel that Pink Floyd fall into the same category. I also conducted some research (thanks to the power of Facebook) and asked my friends if they would like to see a Pink Floyd tribute act. Result, six in favour and 20 against, two more liked Pink Floyd but did not see the appeal of them at a family festival. The conclusion is about 70% against Pink Floyd and so I rest my case. I note that there was also a suggestion I should go on the committee if I wanted my say. My initial letter actually stated that the Committee have done a great job (just not on this occasion). I also work about 6-7 hours a week on community football so will decline the kind offer. Although I feel am entitled to air my views, as a proud member of this town.