Please help to save Manea Fire Station

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IT has come to this, that I feel only publicity in its broader sense is the only chance of saving our village.

Primarily, the village of Manea has been on the brink of disappearing from our thoughts for some time. Even though the expansion of Manea has been going ahead for many years now, its amenities have never quite matched up.

I was disgusted to hear they are now reviewing cutting the rail service that we currently receive and also that our local bus service, that serves the most vulnerable of our community, is to be cut completely.

It is now a wish of the senior management team of Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service to close Manea Fire Station. They claim the budget is so tight that this is the only option.

The saving to the brigade is a lowly £80,000, although Manea Fire Station only costs approximately £44,000 last year, so how they came up with £80,000 I will never know.

The removal of this appliance will be final, there will be no going back and any regrets could be in the form of an avoidable death.

The Fire Service claim that availability of the appliance is an issue, that I would agree.

Unfortunately, the Fire Service gives the statistics but not the reason behind them.

They fail to mention that they, as a service, put a blanket ban on any recruitment at the station 18 months ago.

The station even had someone who was only one year out of service who needed only refreshers courses to be fully on the run and a driver, something that would have greatly enhanced the station’s availability.

This makes me believe that finances are a small part of the reason Manea Fire Station is under threat of closure. With the help of the Fire Service, the availability could have been greatly improved and potentially up to establishment.

To the people of this village it is clear that the ban on recruitment was a ploy to encourage further reason to eventually close this vital life -saving service, not just from the village of Manea but from the whole county.

Without the uprising of people we will lose this service for good. There can surely never be a solid enough reason for the closure of any fire station.

The removal of second appliances from other stations provide similar savings but carry far fewer consequences as these towns and villages will still be served by an appliance from that station.

The removal of Manea Fire Station leaves the people of Manea with at least a further five to six minutes on top of the, up to five minutes it takes the crews to respond from their homes.

This could be devastating to the person or property involved.

Please, help us get people involved in ‘Saving Manea Fire Station’ and giving us and the surrounding villages hope.


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