Pledge your support for town

IN response to the letter ‘Put communities in charge’ (Citizen January 11)

As a Wisbech resident born and breed I feel I have to write in to 100 percent agree with what Mr Woodham had to say about our town.

My wife and I have just returned home from the town centre as we do every week; we buy our fruit and veg in the market and our meat from the butchers, and have done this for years.

We do go to a supermarket for tin food etc but the majority of the weekly shop is done in town.

As I walked round the High Street which was once the heart of our community, I look at the decline.

This got me wondering why local people are not using our local shops. We have free parking in the town and the shop keepers are willing to help you.

If everyone pledges to spend just a few pounds of their weekly shop in our local independent shops and traders, I think we could save this once great town.