Post bag: March traffic congestion

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Have I missed something, has ‘Fenland traffic’ already been transferred to Huntingdon, has the ‘local knowledge’ already been lost?

I’ve lost count of the number of times that the March bypass has been closed due to either roadworks or accidents and subsequently been delayed in the centre of March. It really baffles me how our local traffic division, based in March, could possibly assume that traffic will continue to flow when the bypass traffic is diverted through town. Traffic builds up at the Broad Street traffic lights to as far back as Norwood Road, but the other directions continue to flow about our ‘local knowledge’ getting down there and do some old fashioned arm waving to alleviate the problem? Have the commissioner candidates missed a trick here? I would have certainly voted for the one helping to keep the traffic moving! Perhaps Huntingdon traffic could be sent a memo: ‘If the March bypass is closed, turn the traffic lights off’.

Tim Mullis