Praise for Chatteris petrol price

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WITH reference to the recent letters on local petrol prices, Fenland motorists surely need to welcome the opening of an “Apple” service station at the A141/A142 junction on the Slade End site at Chatteris.

My only connection with this business is that I have been a regular customer since mid January.

Throughout this period, prices here have consistently been significantly lower than the supermarkets.

Like many Chatteris residents, I commute some distance to work and the increasing cost of fuel has become a major concern for me.

The top-end price of petrol locally previously meant that I filled up at either Tesco or Sainsbury’s in Cambridge but I now call at the Slade End service station.

This raises a question. Even the same service station did not match these prices when it was trading under the BP logo.

Why is the new management able to compete so fiercely, when other petrol retailers are apparently still unable to do so?