Praise for petitioners

I JUST want to thank the residents, all 685 of them, who signed the petition objecting against this massive scale of housing in North East March.

Given the short time scale we had, about a week and a half and bearing in mind it was peak holiday time, it was a fantastic response.

Residents did not just add their name but they all wanted to express their concern and anger at this proposal. I often spent some 10-15 minutes with each resident. It is a pity that our local council members were not present as they would have seen for themselves that concern and anger.

Thank you also for those residents who helped out in this petition.

Our objectives are the same as Fenland District Council, “we care passionately about our town and it is important to retain the special qualities that make our area unique”, so why go and destroy all those qualities by proposing 800 dwellings in a rural location with all its associated problems of traffic congestion, loss of a major playing field, extra burden on already full capacity in schools, sewerage system, etc?

It is totally illogical!