Problems with cyclists

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MYSELF and my partner have taken up jogging and have found, to our peril, that a lot of the cyclists around Wisbech are a menace.

A few days ago we were coming up to Wisbech Ppark and out from a gateway came a cyclist at a hefty pace with a young man who didn’t have any intention of looking for people walking.

Fortunately, no one was hurt apart from maybe his ego when, after he had taken out his headphones which were clearly preventing him from hearing anything, that I reminded him cycling on the footpath is illegal.

Police have the power to fine cyclists using the pavement - £20 on- the-spot fine. Imagine if a toddler had been walking and was hit by the cyclist. It could have received serious, if not life-threatening injuries.

This is one of a string of occasions where cyclists have displayed poor manners in Wisbech. Another incident happened when I was jogging towards the A47 past Pets at Home.

A cyclist was coming towards us so me and my partner got into single file but the cyclist was using the whole of the path, causing us to deviate onto the road.

I am fed up of the footpath being made a dangerous place by irresponsible cyclists and would like to see that the police are advising them of the law and if necessary issuing fines.

RICHARD Darracott