Reader letter: Bramley Line

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Further to recent letters regarding the Bramley Line, the Wisbech to March Railway link, we wish to clarify the current situation.

The Bramley Line Heritage Railway Trust, incorporating The Wisbech & March Bramley Line Ltd, is actively involved with the line, currently having a licence and thus legal entitlement from Network Rail, to occupy the line from Wisbech to March Elm Road.

This is enabling the trust to work with interested parties to firstly, retain the presence of the running track, and secondly to maintain local interest and focus on the line as a future operational possibility. Part of the Trust’s initial work is to create a heritage centre on the line to assist with the above.

Much has been done over recent years by members past and present to sustain the current position, without which the track and associated land may well have been lost. It has been suggested by one report that attempted communication with the Trust gets no answers. This is simply not the case. All genuine email communications are answered, any missed calls to the phone line are answered. Regarding Trust activity information, during the past 12 months members’ newsletters can be viewed on the website: where contact links including phone number, 07591 769180, can be found.

Simon King (Chairman), Richard Gilbert (Joint Vice-Chairman), David Bunting (Joint Vice-Chairman)

The Bramley Line Heritage Railway Trust, Waldersea Depot, Long Drove, Friday Bridge, PE14 0NP