Reader letter: Branch thanks

Through the letters of this newspaper I would like to record my sincere thanks.

Firstly, a big thank you to my committee whose support of me has been undoubted, Secondly, to all of the members who back the committee to the hilt and never diminish in their support or effort. Then lastly but definitely not least to the townsfolk of Chatteris for without your unrelenting support and generosity we would not achieve all that we do.

It was with a great sense of pride that I learnt of our recent national honours and thank you all for your donations and support last year which enabled us to receive these prestigious awards. A truly amazing achievement.

Once again, thank you all for your generosity and please continue to support us in order that we can sustain the support to our Armed Forces community and to our welfare schemes that deliver to those in need.

Janice Baynes

Chairman Chatteris Women’s Section RBL