Reader letter: Call for change in firework law

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I am enraged by the selfishness of some people regarding fireworks.

I kept my cats in on November 5th, and put them in a cattery for safety over last weekend, when I had to be out, but still some selfish, inconsiderate person let off the loudest bangers I have ever heard in my from a nearby house on November 7. I rushed to see if my cats were safe upstairs but the youngest had gone out and had disappeared from the garden - for all I knew, frightened to death and panicking.

I then spent over an hour using my cat ‘tracker’ in an overgrown, nettle-infested wasteland trying to track him down, which, thankfully, I did eventually.

I have been torn to ribbons, my cat has had a fright and all because someone wanted to have the loudest bangers in East Anglia - I couldn’t trace the house involved as their display lasted only a few minutes. I know the law doesn’t prevent fireworks at other times, but why can’t people be considerate? So many cats go missing every year as a result of fireworks. I wish the law could be changed to restrict them to designated days so that animal-lovers can be prepared. As it is, my cats will have to stay inside in the evenings until after this coming weekend.