Reader letter: Counties have become UKIP heartland

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The UKIP county council election results throughout the country were quite remarkable. No more so than in East Anglia, where UKIP has entered the mainstream of politics and toppled solid Conservative holdings.

All this has got me thinking about the people from East Anglia. Their heritage is quite remarkable and they obviously have true backbone and spirit. They were the first warriors under Boadicea fighting the

Romans who invaded the Fens. In the 17th century, disillusioned with the government, they left towns like Boston in Lincolnshire and sailed to set up new lives in the New World. America and Canada now have towns called Peterborough, Boston, Lincoln and Ramsey.

Now as then, the Fenland people from Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire are rising up again, telling David Cameron what they think of his government. The counties of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk have become the UKIP heartland. It really is quite uncanny how this part of Britain seems to take on and challenge the government of the day, and when you think about it, even Oliver Cromwell came from Huntingdon.

Mary Herdman

UKIP Spokesperson for Thorney & Eye