Reader letter: Cycling concerns

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I am increasingly concerned about the number of cyclists riding on Wisbech town pavements. I thought it was an offence to do so but the number of adults doing so is rising.

I watched in horror an elderly lady struggling along pulling her shopping trolly being confronted by an adult male cyclist travelling at some speed at the Old Market pavement. By refusing to make any attempt to stop or get out of her way, he forced her to lose her grip with her spilling the trolly contents on the pavement. The cyclist turned but rode off.

I saw with some amusement an article recently about stopping people from dropping cigarette butts by fines. Amusing because this, while a disgusting habit, is seriously unenforceable. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before someone gets knocked down or injured by cyclists on pavements. A blitz for a couple of days at a time at random with spot fines would help to get this message across. It might help if this was broadcast in languages other than English.

Peter Roughsedge