Reader letter: Debris disgust

rubbish at Harecroft Road field
rubbish at Harecroft Road field
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Most days, at some time we walk over the park in Harecroft Road in Wisbech where the cricket and rugby pitches are.

Because of the predicted heat on Saturday July 6, we went earlier at 9am and were astounded to find the area near the Chapel Road car park absolutely littered with beer bottles - some broken - and general mess. It is well known that this park is frequented day and night by (mainly) men, drinking as early as 10am and tossing their beer bottles and caps anywhere. The area around the bin near the cemetery resembles a mosaic made of beer bottle caps. Worse still, they urinate and defecate behind the bushes separating the park from the adjoining factory area and in the dykes that separate the various sections of the park. Why don’t people clear up after themselves and stop making life thoroughly unpleasant for those who must suffer the consequences of their messy and disgusting behaviour? Dog walkers pick up after their pets - why can’t they do the same with their human excrement? And, when there are bins, what’s so wrong with using them?

Citizen reader

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