Reader Letter: Dog mess concern

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Just recently, there has been a large increase in the amount of dog mess left on the grass areas of the Allison estate, Stow Road, Frinton, Maldon, Peldon, Felstead and Rochford Walk in Wisbech. It is becoming really unpleasant to walk there. We have a young pup who loves to find these piles and try to eat them, which is making him ill. The great majority of people who own dogs in this area clear up, as proved by the dog bin being frequently emptied by the council. However, it is now becoming a real problem. It is illegal not to clear up after your dog and annoying when you walk in a pile while picking up after your own dog. I wonder if the people who are leaving piles realise that many younger children play on the grass when the weather is nice, as do older children playing football. Recently there has even been a used disposable nappy left on the ground. Please keep this area of grassland nice.

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