Reader letter: Driver frightened me

I was driving recently at about 5.30pm with my son (15) and his friend along Norwood Road in March when a car came roaring up to the back of my car, almost to the bumper.

The driver was waving his hands about and his mouth was moving. I did hear a man shouting but I couldn’t make out what he was saying but it did frighten me. A woman was cycling up the hill towards the railway bridge and I went wide to give her room. It looked like the other driver was going to overtake me and waved his hands in the air again - obviously he couldn’t see cyclist. He was still right behind me as we went over the hill and I heard his engine roar and he over took me giving hand gestures. A man walking was about to cross the road and looked at the driver in disbelief. There is a shop nearby and anyone crossing or a car pulling out would have had no chance. I estimate he was driving at 40-45mph.

I think we were all shocked and shaken when I dropped my son and his friend off. I was shaken to have just gone through that experience, it was very frightening. I hope this mad driver gets caught and slows down before he hurts someone or himself.

A Klemis