Reader letter: Faith restored

I had my faith in community spirit restored when I took my three year-old boy and puppy to the Huntingdon Road Recreation Ground in Chatteris in the miserable drizzle at 10am on a Saturday. I feel I need to share what I saw as those involved will probably get no recognition for their act of community work. Near to the children’s play park were a group of men, from teens to middle-aged, who were working hard in the rain to clear the well-used path of large amounts of mud and rock.

I understand machinery associated with some work had tried to turn round on the wet grass, had sunk and churned up the grass, depositing mud and rock onto the path. This created a mess and a hazard to those who use the path.

The group were flattening the grass back down and shovelling the spoil from the path into wheelbarrows then taking the spoil to dispose of at their own trouble and expense. What a fine example to the rest of the town and particularly to the youngsters watching them.

My only wish is that everyone who uses these places appreciates what valuable community areas they are, particularly those who litter or leave their dog foulings in the grass where children play.

I didn’t get the names of those who working away but hopefully they will recognise themselves from this letter.

Sam Tolley