Reader letter: Fenland - an economical asset

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Nick Boles regards the countryside as fit only for building purposes. The minister calls the green belt “insufficiently interesting and boring”.

It seems he is only happy with concrete and bricks, randomly built where crops should grow. The Fens are a major producer of varieties of crops. Peat and silt land form a vast part of the richest, productive land in Britain. The minister and his supporters should realise these ‘boring acres’ fill their bellies with wholesome food. Fenland is an economical asset and prevents too much food from being imported. The vast area contributes to a balance of payments deficit which would burden us financially for years to come. Building on green field is scandalous. The Fens were drained for a specific purpose to produce an abundance of food. Green fields help to protect against flooding and, in most cases, it makes no sense when productive land is turned over to speculators hell bent on fat profits for concrete and bricks.

Increase in uninsurable homes built on potential flood plains is on the increase. Some homes would be very expensive and, as has been the case, impossible to protect. We in the Fens are very fortunate to have a drainage system par excellence. I bet where Mr Boles lives in the productive fields of Lincolnshire, his remarks are not gladly received.

Trevor Bevis