Reader letter: Gaymers sign

How pleasing it was to see the Gaymers Cyder sign again. Well done to all those involved in its re-appearance. It was, however, rather disappointing that there was no reference made to where the sign actually originated from. Douglas Rees of CP Rees Ltd in conjunction with Gaymers of Attleborough wanted to show the area how important cyder apples were to the district at that time and so erected the sign in front of one of the many orchards that could be found in and around the Wisbech area. Gaymers helped to pay for and maintain this sign for many years. CP Rees Ltd loaded many thousands of tons of apples to Gaymers from the Wisbech area and this new sign will help remind everyone of the importance of cyder to Wisbech and its many past and present apple growers.

Roland Frost

Former Managing Director of CP Rees Ltd