Reader letter: Ghost town

I read with dismay the recent and forthcoming business closures including the long established Bodgers in Wisbech. Is it any wonder when basically the Leader of Wisbech Town Council can only say “It’s a sign of the times”? It’s not a sign of the times. It is decades of neglect and lack of political will. Constantine House is often mentioned but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The first building to collapse was the former butchers in the High Street nearly 30 years ago. This was followed over the years by businesses on the other side of High Street closing because premises were unsafe. Even during the boom times no investment was forthcoming to bring the properties into use. Wisbech is in terminal decay. Businesses close or leave, less people come into town. More businesses close, even less people come to town so then even more businesses close. The end result will be a ghost town of empty shops.

People do not come to Wisbech to shop and many Wisbech people go elsewhere. But you only need to look at the investment in the centre of King’s Lynn and the result that even in these most difficult times it continues to thrive.

Cllr David Patrick