Reader letter: In the dark

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Cambs County Council is currently replacing many street lights in Chatteris but one in ten old lamp standards will be removed and not replaced as part of a county-wide plan to reduce energy use and costs.

Some Chatteris streets, particularly in the town centre, are poorly lit and really shouldn’t lose any lights and a few need additional lamps, not fewer.

Chatteris Town Council should have been able to review the proposed changes and identify other lights to be removed in more brightly-lit areas to achieve the overall reduction of one in ten. But, they didn’t receive the complete set of street maps showing proposed removals in time and representatives from the county council and the contractors didn’t visit a council meeting to answer questions until the week work was due to start - too late for a proper consultation on proposed changes.

So right now every street is losing lamps which were picked by a remote authority, without any input from town councillors or residents. And those poorly lit streets will get even darker.

Josie Ratcliffe