Reader letter: Inconsiderate drivers

Recently at around 6.30am I was cycling on Lowside Road in Upwell when I noticed on the main road the other side of the canal a woman holding out a blanket and became aware that her little black cat had been run over and was lying in the road.

Not one motorist had the decency to either slow down or stop so she could pick it up. Because I was on the other side of the river, I was not able to assist her. While it is fully appreciated that for some drivers it would not have been safe to just stop. This is, however, a long straight stretch of road so some could have certainly slowed down as they could see from some distance what was happening.

What sort of society do we have where people only care about themselves and could not wait or slow down just for a few seconds to allow this person to pick up her loved pet from the road?

Speeding on our roads is a real problem and the inconsiderate way certain drivers behave is disgraceful. I also encountered at the same time a driver travelling well over the 30 mph speed limit on Lowside who didn’t want to go through the puddles but it was okay with him to force me into them so I got soaking wet.

Citizen reader