Reader letter: It is ‘madness’

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I urge every resident of March to attend one of the public exhibitions currently being held by Cambs County Council to explain how the towns traffic issues might be solved.

Why is it important? Because the solutions being put forward will just not help solve our existing traffic problems, let alone not being able to cope with an extra 6000 vehicles as a result of Fenland District Council proposing another 4200 homes for the town over the next 20 years.

It was interesting to note that two suggestions for the Broad Street area, both involved the removal of the traffic lights and replaced by a roundabout, something that local residents wanted when the traffic lights were proposed some 15 years ago.

There is no doubt that the traffic lights do add to the traffic problem in the town centre simple because they hold the traffic up and thereby causing traffic congestion further out which then causes problems at other road junctions.

The County Council state that an Eastern Bypass would do little to solve the town centres traffic problems, mainly because most traffic movements are within the town, and therefore, traffic would not make use of such a bypass and, it would cost £50 plus million pounds to build.

At least Cambs County Council should be congratulated for holding these exhibitions, not like Fenland Council, who do not seem to understand the term “public consultation”.

There appears to be no simple solution to the town centres traffic problems, so why make it worse by adding another 6000 vehicles to the road network, it is madness.

Trevor Watson