Reader Letter: No money left for cul-de-sac

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Some months ago, I noticed yellow paint on the footpaths and damaged kerbs in Smiths Drive, March, and other streets in my area. I could hardly contain my joy - at last, after living in the cul-de-sac end for 30 years, we were going to get some kind of work on our footpath. The contractors started in Morton Avenue but the days turned into weeks and no sign of them. I spoke to county council Highways and my joy turned to despair - there was no money left for my end of Smiths Drive. I pointed out that between 60 and 80 school children and parents use the path to Cavalry and the Neale-Wade schools, five days a week, twice a day, and the many years with no maintenance. But she repeated they had used all the funds. What a pity then that they had the money to rip out 20 metres of the old footpath, lay new edging and hard surfacing outside two properties Grounds Avenue that have been empty for months waiting to be demolished to create access. This will now have to be ripped out to complete the access. They also like to replace grass verge with hard surfacing. What a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Rod Thurston