Reader letter: Please clean up after your pets

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It is with much regret that I have to inform Chatteris dog owners who insist on not picking up their pets business, that due to overwork in trying to clean up the all too frequent dog mess to be found along, Lode Way, Drake Avenue,Gull Way, Furrowfields and Furrowfields Road up to the car park near the library, the Dog Poo Fairy is dead!

This being the case can I urge all those in the various layers of leadership within our town/parish/county bureaucracy to realise that keeping the streets clean from dog mess extends beyond, Chatteris High Street. So can you please ensure that as with bin collection, those charged with keeping our streets clean, do so, and while you are at it, ensure that those who are caught not picking up after their dogs are named and shamed and given the maximum penalty.

I for one am getting sick of going into the Fenland Shop to report on more dog mess in the ‘Furrowfield Triangle’.

David M Kelley