Reader letter: Reg is impressed

I attended the opening of the new Doddington Court complex which also houses the NHS ten bed intermediate care ward and I was very impressed with what I saw - it was worth the IPPIF eight-year campaign to get those beds back onto the Doddington Hospital site.

Although it was two years behind schedule, it is a step in the right direction. However, I am concerned that ten more beds will be needed in the very near future due to the fast growing elderly population of South Fenland.

While I was at Doddington Court, I noticed the vast numbers attending the opening ceremony, I wondered where all these people were during the very long campaign to save and re-invent Doddington Hospital.

It was pleasing to see June Bevis and her committee getting well-earned praise for all the work they do for the hospital, the results of their fundraising makes the hospital a much better place. Well done ladies.

Reg Wenn