Reader Letter: Sense at last over March homes plan

At last an element of wisdom attends the matter of building hundreds of new houses at March with adverse effects on in-town traffic. I have seen chaos and confusion affecting the infrastructure for instance at Hitchin, Diss and Boston in the name of expansion in the belief that bigger is always better. Not by a long way.

If new homes are really the answer to increasing population on a vast national scale, planners should consider the successful pre-war concept of building new towns and villages. Extending wisdom a little further it is to be hoped that reconsideration attends the proposals regarding March Broad Street with its multi-access and egress and public crossing areas at one end and a narrow bridge at the other end. Proposed changes will make no difference to traffic flow whatsoever. Hardwick roundabout at King’s Lynn posed utter confusion until the sensible installation of traffic lights introduced safety to controlled traffic movement.

Trevor Bevis