Reader letter: Toilets closed

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I would like to know if and when the toilets at the Horsefair in Wisbech will be open again? And also whose bright idea it was to close them before new ones are open.

For anyone who has toilet problems, it is a nightmare. What about the people on the coaches who have been travelling and need to go? I hope whoever it was will be ashamed of and hurry up and do something about it. As for having to pay the ridiculous amount of 20p as in St Peter’s car park, if the owners want to make money surely it would be better to have free toilets and get people to pay for the car park, even if it is as little as 50p for two hours and £1 for the day, The same goes for St Peter’s. It is unfair on the elderly and people with young children to have to pay for the convenience of using a toilet.

Citizen reader

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