Reader letter: We can benefit

With reference to the letter by Mary Herdman (Citizen May 22) about the people of East Anglia taking on and challenging the government of the day.

I was interested to read her example of the Pilgrim Fathers who left Boston in the 17th Century when things were very hard here to start a new life in the New World. It certainly illustrates backbone and spirit, but, rather than people rising up against the government, surely it is an example of a phenomenon which has been going on since the world began – that people move when times are hard and work is scarce or their lives are in danger to places which offer greater opportunities to earn a living in safety. Surely one of the reasons for the success of the United States has been the mix of immigrants from all over the Old World bringing with them a huge variety of skills and traditions in agriculture, industry, science, technology, music and so on. Is it not conceivable that East Anglia can also benefit from the influx of relatively young people with enterprise and aspirations, new skills and a willingness to work hard?

Sue Beel