Reader letter: Windows debate

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I read Sarah Cliss’s article (Citizen, July 10) about the set up of a working party to look into the way that FDC deals with replacement windows, with some interest.

In February I sent emails to councillors Melton and French about UPVC windows installed in the side of Audmoor House, March. This property is grade 2 listed.

I received no answer. I did receive a reply from the then Conservation Officer. Since then, I have written to the FDC planning department and been told that the matter is being dealt with. In my emails I mentioned FDC’s enforcement concerning the installation of UPVC windows in 42 New Road, Chatteris, a listed property.

There can be no doubt that anomalies do exist. Legislation seeks to protect listed buildings and to make sure that standards are national and not subject to the vagaries of fashion, whims of politicians or developers. Listed buildings reflect tradition and craftsmanship. If maintained they can be economically beneficial. Once they have been changed then their unique value is lost for ever. Traditional methods have often been shown to be energy efficient and environmentally sound. The legislation is not there to exert a burden on the owner.

Sarah Cliss’s article also mentions Councillor Skoulding. Does he not have a connection to Audmoor House?

Andrew Clarke

Secretary of March Society