Readers’ Letter: Bedroom Tax is a ‘pathetic excuse’

The repercussions of the Welfare Reform Act 2013 are now being pushed through letter boxes of affected tenants who live in Registered Social Landlord properties. This is a pathetic excuse they call The bedroom Tax in order to raise money for new build.

This is class persecution for the few. This Act is directed at the minority of our society because of the failure of past government Local Authorities to manage their affairs in the proper manner of financial housekeeping. The routine band of political candidate flyers are coming through our doors for the May elections and there seems to be elusive comments from most of the candidates on this subject. Perhaps the minority affected by this Draconian law makes no difference to the voting count on election day. The backlash of this is only now starting. The limited foresight of our politicians to housing is now leaving egg on their faces. This was predicted not only by myself but also housing charities and welfare reformers in 2008.

Fenland District Council Tenancy Strategy has been approved by Cabinet to enforce changes to all Registered Providers for rent increases under section 150 of the Localism Act 2011 by April 2013, which could lead to rent increases to all new tenants. The extra finance created by this will be ring fenced for the creation of new build. Local authorities have always done this before Housing Association existed.

John White